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Make Your Own Magnet-Powered Car

What is a magnet? You can move a car without ever touching it by turning a regular toy car into a magnet-powered car. Push it forward, make it turn, and park it using magnetism, an incredible invisible force. With this activity, you will learn all about it and create your own magnet-powered car.

Magnetism is defined as “a physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.

A magnet has two ends called poles, a north pole or north-seeking pole and a south pole or south-seeking pole. So we have the common saying: like poles repel, unlike poles attract. A magnet creates an invisible area of magnetism all around it called a magnetic field.

This activity will help you see how magnetism is applied. Have fun, STEM Warriors!


1. Plastic Bottle

2. 4 Plastic Bottle Caps (pierced in between)

3. 2 Broom Sticks

4. 1 Straw

5. 1 Popsicle Stick

6. Pair of Magnets

7. Scissors

8. Glue Gun

9. Glue Stick



The magnet’s repelling force allows the toy car to move in different directions. A magnetic rule that is important to remember is, “Opposites Attract.” A north end of a magnetic will be attracted to the south of another magnetic. The north and north ends of two magnets, as well as the south and south ends of two magnets, will repel one another. Since the magnets in the toy car have the same magnetic poles, then the magnets’ repelling force allowed the car to move in a certain direction.


Learn more about crystals here:

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