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Build Your Own Straw Bridge

How are bridges created? This activity will help you explore the world of engineering by creating your own bridge made of drinking straws.

Beam bridges are the most common type of bridge designed by engineers and are relatively easy to imagine and build. Yet, with truss designs, the possibilities are unlimited. To design bridges, engineers perform a careful analysis of bridge geometries and the anticipated applied loads so they can determine the exact place of the reaction forces. Engineers also consider the most effective materials to achieve a balance of tension and compression. Engineers determine the bridge type, design, and materials; analyze site conditions, and geologic and environmental factors, and establish detailed design plans and budget/funding schedules.

This simple science activity will help you create your very own straw bridge. Have fun, STEM Warriors!


1. Plastic Drinking Straws

2. Scotch Tape

3. Ruler

4. 2 Paper Cups or anything that can be used as a platform for the bridge

5. Coins, Jars, or anything that can be used to test the bridge’s strength



Learn more about crystals here:

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