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Grow Your Own Crystals: Quick Crystal Bowl

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

What are crystals and how do they form? With this science experiment, you will grow your own crystals and explore its amazing world.

When we hear the word crystals, the first thing that comes to our mind would be colored minerals but they are not the only kinds of crystals. Graphite in pencils and snow are crystals too.

They might look different but what they have in common is an extremely well-organized molecular structure. To put it simply, crystals are solid materials with atoms and molecules that are arranged in a consistent repairing pattern. This pattern then creates one of seven geometrical shapes.

We have expensive crystals like diamonds or amethyst. We also have crystals right inside our homes such as salt and sugar. You can easily grow crystals by adding a crystal-forming chemical to water and waiting for the water to cool or evaporate.

This simple science experiment will help you grow your own amazing crystals. Have fun, STEM Warriors!


1. Epsom Salt

2. Food Coloring

3. Hot Water

4. Measuring Cup

5. Bowl



Epsom salt is another name for the chemical magnesium sulfate. The temperature of the water determines how much magnesium sulfate it can hold; it will dissolve more when it is hotter. Cooling the solution rapidly encourages fast crystal growth since there is less room for the dissolved salt in the cooler, denser solution. As the solution cools, the magnesium sulfate atoms run into each other and join together in a crystal structure. Crystals grown this way will be small, thin, and numerous.


Learn more about crystals here:

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